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Mrs. Sylvia Nwoko graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. She however went on to obtain an MBA and two other certifications – (PMP and CBAP). She has worked in various capacities such as field engineer, project manager, business development manager and classroom teacher. She is passionate about influencing the next generation positively. So in addition to Corporate Training for organizations, she also coaches students on the Entrepreneurial Mindset – TEENOVATORS. It is her belief that exposing students to the “Entrepreneurial Mindset” would give them a problem-solving mindset. This is a necessary asset for surviving and positively impacting today’s world.


┬áNexel Consulting’s vision is to become the one stop shop for Business and professional solutions.



Nexel Consulting’s mission is to assist businesses and professionals to move to their next level in accomplishing their objectives by offering value-based strategic business tools.

Our Offer

  • management consultancy services
  • entrepreneurial mindset coaching
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Our Offer
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Business Advisory Services
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Management Consulting Services
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Entrepreneurial mindset coaching.
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