Teenovators Mission
Teenovators mission is to inspire and prepare students for the real world.
Why Teenovators
When students, are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking, a profound change takes place. They become aware of opportunities around them. They think more critically and creatively. The result: they become more confident and experimental in their ability to problem-solve and tackle challenges.
Our package/ Our Offer
At NEXEL consulting, we deploy TEENOVATORS, which is a curriculum that features hands-on activities that inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, while teaching students three major things:

  • How to think entrepreneurially,
  • How to identify and anticipate diverse societal needs, and
  • How to create products and services that fill those needs.

What’s in it for the teens?

Students will learn to embrace and reimagine failure as a learning process and become more confident and creative problem-solvers. They will learn new ways for effective brainstorming and how to apply design-thinking. They will conduct market research, and practice pitching, presenting and public-speaking – all these are necessary for the real world!

Why your teens need this

Studies show that some children self-select out of things that are risky or hard because they are afraid that they might fail or won’t perform perfectly. We’ve seen firsthand children who have a “nurtured apprehension” to standing up and speaking up— children who have been taught to drop out, instead of having the confidence to pursue their interests. In today’s global economy, “Companies are in desperate need of innovative and talented people who are capable of solving global, complex problems.”
To be able to tackle these problems, we need to arm our children with the mindsets and skillset to allow them to grow into passionate innovators. We need to develop their confidence, skills and resilience, so they can transform their ideas into reality. In other words, we need to arm them with the entrepreneurial mindset!

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Idea Generation

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Teamwork/team building

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